It is our desire at Victory Christian School to provide an athletic program for the students that will first and foremost bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. In that our Biblical views and the principles of God's Word govern every other endeavor of the school, no less is expected with regard to athletics.

With this purpose in mind, we strive to achieve the following:

- That each coach, player and participant display the character traits taught in Gods Word
- That each athlete performs to the best of his/her ability, giving maximum effort
- That every event provides an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and honors Christ
- That school spirit is promoted throughout the program

Sports Offered

Fall- Girls' Volleyball

Fall- Boys' Flag Football

Winter- Girls' Basketball

Winter- Boys' Basketball

Each program offered is dependent upon student involvement. At times a particular program may not be offered if we are lacking a sufficient number of players, whether due to enrollment or academic eligibility. 

Victory Christian School is a member of the Sunshine Christian League, North Division.  Our athletic procedures must conform to the Sunshine Christian League Sports Procedures and Rules.