Spiritual Goals

-  Leading each child to acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior

-  Developing good character and a Christ-like personality

-  Encouraging a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

-  Teaching that God has a specific plan for their lives

-  Instilling a love for God's Word

-  Showing the importance of being a witness for Christ


 Academic Goals

-  Challenging each student to work to the best of his/her ability

-  Providing a learning environment that is conducive to productive thinking

-  Teaching academic disciplines of reading, writing, arithmetic, science, social    studies, speaking and thinking

-  Developing self-discipline and motivation in learning

-  Providing opportunity for students to ask questions, solve problems, think critically and make wise decisions                                                      



Physical Goals

-  Teaching good health habits

-  Reminding students that their body is the temple of the Lord

-  Exercising through physical education and sports activities